Training and development centre Marbach/Neckar


The HOCHWERK training and development centre is the largest indoor training centre in the world. There are various training facilities on several floors that are used for intensive customer training and product development.  Theory and practice complement each other ideally in the training centre.  The indoor floor space of more than 10,000 sqm accommodates rooms featuring real hazard scenarios. All possible situations can be simulated and trained at heights of up to 35 m. Outdoor facilities allow exercises to be carried out at heights of up to 150 m. There is also a helicopter landing pad and a shipping pier. The versatility of the site means that the prerequisites for training are ideal. Up to 40 different training stations can be used to meet your personal or company-specific requirements.  



Target groups
  • Industry (mobile communication, energy industry, water management, wind power, construction sector, chemical industry etc.)
  • Fire services (professional fire service, factory fire services, voluntary fire services, height rescue groups)
  • Intervention groups (SEK, police service, military, disaster relief agency, mountain rescue service etc.)
  • Air rescue (police helicopter etc.)


  • Platforms at various heights from 6.0 m – 25.0 m
  • Gable roof
  • Lattice tower, pipe pylon, wooden mast
  • Overhead line with strain chains
  • Vertical ladders of various known makes from 6.0 m – 25.0 m
  • Exposed practice grounds
  • Helicopter with rescue winch
  • Helicopter cell with fast-rope abseiling
  • Shaft accesses, vertical and horizontal
  • Fall test stand
  • Tensile test machine 60 kN
  • Endurance test stand
  • Training container < 15 persons
  • Training room < 25 persons
  • Lecture room < 60 persons
  • Equipment container
  • Sanitary container
  • Changing rooms
  • Office
  • Cafeteria
  • Exhibition area
  • High-rope climbing park
  • Height familiarisation course
    (heights 6.0 m – 150.0 m)

Training stations

  • Ladders with all known ladder protection equipment
  • Platform rescue and inclined abseiling, stationary arrester equipment with specific local parameters from simple climbing to one-man ladder rescue
  • Platforms of various models and levels of exposure when working where there is a risk of falling and person rescue
  • Height familiarisation course at a height of 80 m with secured installations
  • Secured, vertical climbing path up to 150 m in height to teach physical climbing work and psycho-mental height familiarisation
  • Helicopter cells BK 117 and Bell UH 1 D on travelling cranes with load cells for rescue operations with ropes and winches and intervention actions
  • Training situations with shafts, silos, tanks, canals: "Working and Rescue in Confined Spaces"



BORNACK HOCHWERK – in the former steam power plant in Marbach

BORNACK HOCHWERK – from the architect's point of view. The HOCHWERK, a former steam power plant, is a listed building in Marbach am Neckar...

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Exclusive and made-to-measure – individual events in BORNACK's HOCHWERK. It is an attractive historical building with unique space inside. This special location can be used...




The judges assessed the integrated safety philosophy of the training centre under one roof and also the architectural concept.

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HOCHWERK Marbach – Your route to us

Route Map and Contact

Your route to the HOCHWERK in Marbach am Neckar 



Personal developement, team building, company outings and much more.

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